Best Himalayan Salt Lamp Reviews 2018

Best Himalayan Salt Lamp Reviews 2018

If you want to do something good for your health, for yourself or the people around you, this is something you definitely need to purchase.

These lamps are really something that everyone should have at home or at work. Their impact on your health preservation may be crucial, especially if you are exposed to electromagnetic radiation, or if the air quality of your environment isn’t very good.

Why Himalayan salt lamp is good for you?

There are many reasons why these lamps have a positive impact on you and your health:

  • Reduces asthma
  • Calm allergies
  • Purifies air
  • Reduce electromagnetic radiation
  • Boosts blood flow
  • Increases energy level
  • Reduces stress

For a more detailed look at the health effects of the Himalayan salt lamp read our article: Himalayan salt lamp benefits

Best Himalayan Salt Lamp [Comparison]

Product nameDimensionsWeightStyleMaterial
Himalayan Glow 1002 5x5x9 inches
12.7x12.7x22.86 cm
7.7 lb
3.5 kg
Traditional pink salt lampCrystal, Genuine neem wood
SMAGREHO Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp 5.9x5.7x9 inches
4.5 lb
2.04 kg
Traditional amber color salt lamp100 % Himalayan crystal salt stone, Wood
Levoit Kana Himalayan Salt Lamp 6x6x10 inches
6.3 lb
2.86 kg
Pink, KanaWood, Crystal, Stone
Crystal Decor Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp 5.7x5.4x8 inches
14.5x13.72x20.32 cm
6 lb
2.72 kg
Metal case, different patternsMetal
Heming Weigh Natural Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp 8x5x5 inches
5.95 lb
2.7 kg
TraditionalSalt, Wood
Crystal Allies Gallery: Natural Himalayan Salt Wire Mesh Basket 4.5x4.5x6 inches
4.65 lb
2.12 kg
Cylinder lampSalt, Wire
Himalayan Glow 1301B 8x8x7.2 inches
8.82 lb
4 kg
Tall Round BasketCrystal
AMIR Salt Lamp 2.6x2.6x3 inches
0.75 lb
340 g
ModernSalt rock
Crystal Allies Gallery: CA SLS-GLOBE 4.5x4.5x4.5 inches
7.7 lb
3.5 kg
GlobeSalt, wood
Himalayan Glow 13486x6x8 inches
5.2 lb
2.36 kg
Bamboo basketSalt

Top 10 Best Himalayan salt lamps

Himalayan Glow 1002

This is a classical lamp made of Hymalayan salt block. It’s easy to mount, has a dimmer switch and a 6 feet (1. 83 m) long cable. You can adjust the brightness of the light depending on your need and of course the time of a day. It looks very nice and the colours are great too, rather relaxing. The lamp is dominated by pink colours. You should use the bulbs that are recommended by the manufacturer ( up to 25 W ), in order to avoid any problems such as overheating and in order to serve you for a long time. The dimmer switch is made of high quality material, easy to handle and it provides adequate light intensity depending on circumstances and needs. It is also heat-resistant.

What other reviewers say?

People who used these lamps over a longer period of time say that they really work as the manufacturer says. In addition to having that relaxing effect, they absorb all the smells from the environment, the air is cleaner and fresher. You can notice clearly the difference when the lamp is on and off.

Those who had a problem with asthma or with cough say that the symptoms were alleviated or completely disappeared after using this lamp. The other comment is connected to the mood issue. Many people say that their mood was greatly improved after they were exposed to it. People were more relaxed, positive and calmer.

The lamp is suitable both for the house and working area. You can purchase it in different sizes depending on the space available. The lamp base is made of a special kind of wood that is especially represented in India and is considered as a durable wood with medical properties. You should not be afraid that a tree will suffer an attack from insects because it is also resistant to bugs and termites.

Some people have complained about a dimmer switch malfunction, so you should pay more attention when using the lamp. Just follow the manufacturer’s instructions and you`ll avoid the problems caused by negligence or inadequate use of the product. Still, this issue is connected to malfunction not the inefficiency of the lamp itself. This basically applies to each lamp of this type.

Test the lamp when you get it and if there is a problem, simply replace the lamp within the warranty period. If a problem occurs after a long period of use, again, you can try to replace the cable or switch or just ask for help from professionals or customer service.


Very nice looking
Dimmer switch
Eliminates unpleasant smells
It works favorably on people with asthma and sinus problems
High quality


It’s more sensitive to humidity

To sum up…

A very good product, which, in addition to being very beautiful, it also has very positive effect on your health and mood. It reminds us on volcano lava.

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SMAGREHO Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp

This type of a salt lamp is made of 100% natural material from Pakistan. It meets all the standards of safety when it comes to cable and dimmer switch.

Easy to use, easy to mount and very easy to adjust the brightness of the light.

It’s available in different sizes and shapes. Actually, the shape is more or less the same, but none of the lamps are identical because they are hand carved.

What other reviewers say?

Most of those who have tried this model of salt lamp are delighted.

The lamp size is well balanced, the adjusting setting of the light is excellent.

It has a high quality and precise dimmer switch. It purifies the air very well, doesn’t overheat. The good thing is that you can choose between several sizes so you can easily fit them into your space. All in all, each lamp is unique in size and shape so you can not but two identical lamps.

Some people complained that they were broken or damaged when they got them. In this case, just return the product and you’ll get the other one. Everything else works quite well over a long period of time. Also, some people mention an odd smell when switching on the lamp. Since there are no parts of the lamps, exposed to heat, only salt rock is heated, this smell is a normal occurrence.


Good quality production
Compact size
Dimmer switch is very accurate
Really purifies the air


If exposed to extreme moisture, salt particles drop off from it and the lamp sweats

To sum up…

We definitely recommend this lamp. There are no drawbacks that stand out. Everything works very well and the design is handy, everything is where it should be.

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Levoit Kana Himalayan Salt Lamp

The product itself is made of very good quality materials, we can say that the average material used by this producer is better than with other manufacturers. It’s very durable. The base of the lamp is wood, but rubberized, so it can`t slip out and it is much more stable when positioned on flat slippery surfaces. It uses a dimmer switch which is different from most others. It’s safer and more reliable. It has a long cable of 6.6 feet (over 2 m). Bulbs are classic for these lamps and have 15W but you can also use a little stronger bulb. It’s suitable for all rooms, bedroom, office, room for rest and relaxation.

What other reviewers say?

What everyone that used this salt lamp first noticed was that it’s a very high quality finish. The colors are fantastic, the touch dimmer switch reacts great, very responsive. The manufacturer has been especially careful about the stand, which is quite good. If you want to replace the bulb you need a screwdriver, but that’s why everything is tight on it. As for the positive effects on your health, this lamp as well as other lamps of this type really work well. It reminds us of lava lamp.

Some people complained that it has a little robust design, but that`s just a matter of taste.


It stands out in appearance
Very durable
Finishing materials is great
Dimmer switch ( touched ) is very responsive


You have to handle the touch dimmer switch carefully. It is not shock-resistant.

To sum up…

The average quality of making this salt lamp are better than most others. It’s a bit heavier, it has almost 3 kg (6.35 pounds). It’s nice as a holiday gift or some other special occasion gift. You should definitely take this model into consideration when purchasing.

Also, customer support is great, you have a 2 year warranty. In other words, you can’t make a mistake with this lamp.

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Crystal Decor Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp

This salt lamp is special. Each lamp is different in its own way. The lamp itself is put in a metal casing and it’s available in different patterns. So you can choose between several, such as: mosaic, angel, Buddha, Jesus, leaf, flower, Bagua or cross depending on your taste or the space where you intend to put it.

What other reviewers say?

It’s different then the others because of the metal cage in which it’s built. Some people like it very much and consider it to be a practical solution or at least an interesting detail. Besides performing their basic function in relation to purify air, absorption of electromagnetic radiation, etc., it’s a very nicely designed. So it can be a nice detail of the room wherever you put it.

Some people complained that the metal cage in which the salt lamp is located smells, because of the heat. Most often it’s not so intense smell, unless you are near the lamp. This can happen when you purchase a new thing, and later that smell disappears.


Attractive designs
Multiple patterns
Good customer support


Sometimes it has a strange smell of the beginning of use

To sum up…

Here you have a greater choice because there are different patterns of the metal case. So it helps you to incorporate your salt lamp into the room and find just the right place where it will stand. Also, you have a 90 day refund guarantee and a good customer support service.

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Heming Weigh Natural Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp

It gives orange color, which acts really warm and comfortable. It’s pretty big. The wood base is well done, highly polished.

What other reviewers say?

It looks nice. It has a classic switch to options on and off. Because of that, you can’t adjust the brightness of the light. With this lamp creating the atmosphere of darkened lights is not an option. It gives a lot of light and it’s not suitable for those who don’t like to sleep with lots of light. No overheating.

Some people complained that they didn’t get all pieces in the package, as they should, or that certain things were damaged or broken. After returning it back, they got a new one and everything was fine.


Easy to use
Looks natural
Decent quality


You can’t adjust brightness

To sum up…

We like it. There isn’t much room for adjustment, it’s simple, but quite okay. It works well and it looks simply natural.

If you are not too demanding in terms of lots of details, then this salts lamp is a very good solution for you.

The manufacturer, in particular, points out very good customer support.

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Crystal Allies Gallery

Natural Himalayan Salt Wire Mesh Basket

What you first notice about this lamp is that the salt lamp itself isn’t made of one piece of salt, and the case is different than most others. Here you have more salt chunks that are inserted into a metal case. There are seven shapes of metal cases according to the Amazon. What’s interesting about this model is that you can arrange your salt lamp any way you like. You can move each and every salt chunk to suit your need or to make a favorable design. If there`s an artist inside you now the time to let him loose.

What other reviewers say?

This is a salt lamp intended for people that want to have all the health and adjustment benefits out of a salt lamp, but at the same time the ability to arrange their own lamps. You will never be bored with this lamp because you have plenty of editing options. You just need to be creative. You can rearrange the position of salt chunks as often as you feel, whenever you feel the need for a change.

People really like the warm glow of this lamp. Many of them were surprised by the size of this lamp. It’s quite big. It is relaxing like a fireplace too. Some used it as a night light in their childrens’ bedroom.

Some people complained about poor wiring.


Good quality
Adjustable salted chunks
Different cylinder cages to purchase
Works great


Poor wiring

To sum up…

Definitely is a standout. The ability to arrange salt chunks gives it a special charm. This way you can make it lighter or darker. The manufacturer feels that the quality is excellent. That’s why you have 90 days of guarantee or you can have your money back.

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Himalayan Glow 1301B

This manufacturer offers several models. The colour of the basket is mostly black you can choose between several shapes, oval or round. The salt chunks are pink or orange and are unique, they are all different in shapes and natural. The lamp easily fits into any ambience, bedroom, office, workroom, baby room, any of it.

What other reviewers say?

It’s pretty heavy because you have a lot of salt chunks, but you have the ability to place salt chunks as you like. It looks luxurious as a small fireplace. The light is very comfortable and warm. You get cable 6 feet long (1.83 m) and you can use a stronger bulb, from 18W up to 25W bulb. You can use LED bulbs too.

Some people complained about wiring.


Lots of salted chunks
Variety of baskets ( 6 different )
Dimmer switch is heat resistant
Looks luxury


Salt crystals are lighter

To sum up…

We can only praise this salt lamp model. Everything we saw is very good. If it happens, to receive your package with some defect, such as a broken bulb or cable that doesn’t work, there is a 30-day warranty so you can easily solve this problem. Everything else is satisfactory.

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AMIR Salt Lamp

You can buy it in two colors: colorful and amber yellow. It’s smaller in size, it doesn’t need a lot of space. It’s nicely shaped. It’s ideal for a bedroom and for rooms where you don’t have a lot of space. It can rotate 360 degrees, uses a classic toggle switch. Very convenient as a gift.

What other reviewers say?

Most people are generally satisfied with the quality of their making. Especially good as a night lamp. It’s a good gift, you can take it with you when you go somewhere.

It’s not big, but it’s not that small either. It’s easy to fit into any room.

Some people complained of a loose pack when delivered and therefore some elements as a bulb or salt rock were damaged or broken. But you have a 1 year warranty, so no problem. Everything else is less important as the remark.


Easy to use in small rooms
Good final finishes
Toggle switch is durable
Natural shape and the light


You can’t adjust the brightness

To sum up…

It is very practical to use. It doesn’t need a lot of space, the light isn’t very strong, so we recommend it as night lamp or for rooms where you don’t need a lot of light as much as you need all the other positive effects of this type of lamp.

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Crystal Allies Gallery: CA SLS-GLOBE

We really like the shape of a perfect globe. It reminds us on the Sun or the Moon. Of course, each globe is unique because it’s hand made. It has a very positive effect on the mood, because of the shape but also because of the beneficial effect of the salt lamp itself.

What other reviewers say?

You can use stronger and weaker bulbs depending on your need. The salt ball itself is made of high quality, thick walls. There is no overheating. It looks great.

You can buy a classical salt lamp that has the shape of a globe, then the same lamp and two additional accessories for the candles. Very nice set. You can purchase two lamps in the pair and in the end you have a large round lamp with globe 7 x 7 inches (17.8 x 17.8 cm) . You can use it as a night lamp or just as a decorative lamp. It light up any space and makes relaxing atmosphere.

Some people complained about the quality of the cable and the bulb holder.


Globe shape is excellent
90 day guarantee
Dimmable rotary switch
Relaxing light


It can sweat a lot if exposed to higher moisture

To sum up…

If you like the shape of the globe then this is the right thing for you. This salt lamp is great.

Even if this wasn’t a salt lamp, the shape itself and the size is special. The colors are soothing and relaxing. Shade that overflows the globe is fantastic.

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Himalayan Glow 1348

Everyone knows how much bamboo wood is hard and resistant. With this salt lamp the durability is guaranteed. It uses a high quality dimmer switch that is connected to a 6 ft (1.83 m) cable. Easy to maintain.

What other reviewers say?

Since it consists of a large number of salt chunks, it’s necessary to regularly clean and maintain them to feel the difference in the air quality. You can set them up as you like. Salt rocks are mainly light colors and pink.

Some people complained of wiring.


We love the bamboo basket
Dimmer switch is accurate
Light is very good
Easy to maintain


There are not many dark salt chunks

To sum up…

It’s a very nice polished bamboo basket. You can use bulbs of different strengths up to 25W. The light is great, rather adjustable.

You have a 30 day warranty if you get the product with any defects.

Certainly a recommendation.

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How to choose the best Himalayan salt lamp?

What is first and basic, when buying a Himalayan salt lamp, is that you are actually buying a lamp made of real Himalayan salt. This is important because it is not a common salt.

There are plenty of fake salt lamps on the market, so we recommend you look for a certificate of origin or to get hold to verified manufacturers. If the lamp is right, if it’s made of the Himalayan salt, every model will do the same job when we talk about health benefits.

Of course, some will do it better but the essence is the same.

Salt lamps positively affect allergy and asthma symptoms, deodorize and clean the air, increase energy level, relieve coughing, improve concentration and mood. The lamp helps you sleep better, reduces static electricity and radiation, gives more oxygen to the blood and most importantly it allows you to wake up refreshed. It just looks and feels awesome.

The second thing that matters is brightness. Some salt lamps are designed to give more light, some give less light and some can do both.

Since these lamps function by absorbing moisture from the air, there are those that can better handle moisture and those that make it less. In any case, real salt lamps do it very well. Depending on the material, of which they are made, some are very durable and some are less durable. Since this is a sensitive material, it is very important, for you, the producer’s return policy, as it can be damaged during transport.

The salt rock from which these lamps are made is durable. It’s not shockproof, you can break it, but it will not slip easily unless it is exposed to some pressure. Other parts of the lamp are less resistant, such as a cable, a bulb holder, a bulb. Some stands are made of wood, stone or metal. Everything depends on what you like.

Himalayan salt lamp FAQ

  • What is a Himalayan salt lamp?

Himalayan salt lamp is a lamp made of an original piece or a few pieces of Himalayan salt that has a wide range of positive, health effects.

The real salt lamp is produced from salt rocks derived from the Himalayas, most often from Pakistan. Modern medicine has known the effects of this rock on health since ancient times. Once upon a time, the warriors would get into the caves where they had this salt rocks to rest, so that the wounds would heal and they would recover faster.

  • How Himalayan salt lamp works?

In order for the Himalayan salt lamp to work as it should and to create all these positive health effects, it is necessary to obtain the heat. The heat is produced with the help of a light bulb located in the pond itself. When it is heated, the hygroscopic characteristic emerges and allows moisture and humidity to be drawn from the air, and in this way cleans the air of all toxic substances and smells.

It also affects the creation of negative ions in the air. This has a beneficial effect on a few things. Reduces chronic depression, it increases the level of oxygen in the blood. Of course this is not a solution to all your health issues but it can help a lot.

  • Will Himalayan salt lamps melt?

That shouldn’t happen to any part of the salt lamp but plastic, metal or wood parts are more sensitive to heat. It’s not foreseen to last forever but has a very long life span. If properly used and properly maintained

Since the primary purpose of this lamp is to remove impurities from the air, we need to understand how it works. When the salt crystals are heated, they attract moisture from the surrounding environment and other impurities from the air. Due to this process, salt lamps are sometimes sweating. This is normal. In dry climates, this happens very rarely but if you live in humid environments then your lamp will sweat much more. It is best to use it as often as possible to dry it more easily. It’s not a big consumer of electricity so this shouldn’t be a problem. If, however, it continues, try to find another place in the house that might be more suitable the for your salt lamp. Another solution is to put a stronger bulb that will heat the salt lamp and it will quickly dry up.

You can also wipe the lamp with a cloth.

  • How long will my Himalayan salt lamp last?

If you consider that the stone itself from which this lamp is made is over 250 million years old then it is clear about you that it’s going to last very long. However, this doesn’t come on other parts of the lamp such as a cable, bulb, switch, etc.

Of course, all these parts can be replaced easily. Some manufacturers offer you to buy all these parts, and in some cases, this isn’t possible. It’s just such a business policy. However, there are many different cables, switches and bulbs on the market.

  • Can Himalayan salt lamps be harmful?

No. The actual lamp made out of the Himalayan salt isn’t harmful.

What may be the problem, again, is related to a cable, bulb or switch.

If a failure occurs to these parts, it may melt some of the plastic parts or it can damage wood or salt rock itself.

  • Can you leave a Himalayan salt lamp on all night?

Yes, you can leave it all night.

  • What size Himalayan salt lamp should I buy?

On the market today, the offer you have is enormous. Depending what you want there are many different sizes and shapes to choose from.

Do you need a salt lamp as a fashion detail, to fulfill the space in which it’s located or you need a positive effect on your health. Perhaps you need ┬áboth.

It all depends on you.

Final Words

When we take into account what we have seen and tested, we would outline the following model: Levoit Kana Himalayan Salt Lamp.

Although it’s relatively big, it left a strong impression on us. Great design, very functional salt lamp and very durable too.

It has everything you need and does a great job.

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