Himalayan salt benefits

Himalayan salt benefits

Being healthy is the most important thing. It’s the only real fortune we have. When we lose it, everything else becomes meaningless. For this reason, we can say that sometimes there is very little to do about it because there are diseases that are very difficult to treat, but there are many things we can do for ourselves in order to improve the quality of our lives and our health. We can prevent certain ill-conditions. One of the things that you can use in order to contribute and benefit your health is exactly Himalayan pink salt.

What are the health benefits of Himalayan salt?

Everyone knows the fact that the salt itself has a very important influence on our health. Salt is an integral part of our nutrition and affects some of the key processes that take place in our body. Without salt, some processes at the cellular level wouldn’t be possible. The essence is in its composition.

If we observe the chemical composition of the salt, this is actually sodium chloride (NaCl). But not every salt is the same. There are three types of salt: commercial salt, sea salt and Himalayan salt. The salt, which we buy in a consumer goods store, passes through a series of stages in the production facilities and heavy processing.

This has some advantages regarding getting purified salt, but also have negative effects because they use a lot of artificial additives. The essence is, that in this commercial salt, there isn’t such a well-balanced proportion of minerals as with Himalayan salt and not many natural ingredients.

Himalayan salt contains 84 different minerals. The classic (commercial) salt contains only a few minerals. The salt we mainly use goes through a large number of processing stages. During this production process, it loses some of its properties and actually consists mainly of sodium chloride, which is 99.9 percent. In some cases, this is slightly less than that and it’s about 97.5 percent, but this means that you only have one mineral left at the end, which is sodium.

Some manufacturers add iodine, which is beneficial to our health. In addition, some substances that are not very healthy are added such as yellow prussiate of soda. To make the salt, pure and white, it goes through a process of bleaching and therefore contains aluminum derivatives that can be toxic to your body.

In other words, salt is necessary, but the commercial salt you usually purchase isn’t something particularly healthy. It gives a better taste of food but isn’t therefore, healthier or better.

On the other hand, the Himalayan salt is something completely different.

First of all, we are talking about something that is very old, which was created 250 million years ago, and some experts say that the estimates are such that it was created almost when the planet Earth itself, 4 billion years ago. It means it’s not polluted. It’s in the form of a rock. At a depth of 5000 feet (over 1500 meters), in a mine located only in one place in the world, in Pakistan, in the Panjab region at just 190 miles from the Himalayas.

This area is known as one of the purest in the world when it comes to air and soil.

This salt has a natural purity of 99 percent. Its colour varies and it can be, depending on the structure and representation of the minerals: white, pink or red.

Of course, most often, these are the shades of these colours, rarely it’s clearly white, red or pink.

That’s because of the presence of 84 minerals. Each of these minerals gives a special colour to this salt. In Himalayan salt, about 2 percent is these minerals. Sounds a bit, but it’s quite enough if you consume this salt regularly.

There are many health benefits when we talk about this salt, but a few are especially distinguished: better sleep inducer, natural digestive aid, improves respiratory problems, balances body’s PH.

Better sleep inducer

better sleep

Most often we hear from doctors, experts in different fields of knowledge for human health and people who are dealing with health issues that it’s not healthy to use salt to a greater extent.

That’s basically true.

However, salt is very important for many of the processes occurring in our organism in the exchange of matter at the cellular level, the emptying and secretion of various substances, etc.

There are studies that have shown that if you don’t take enough salt you can have a problem with sleeping. This problem is manifested by frequent waking. If you have a low level of sodium in your blood, blood volume decreases and it gets stuck in the nervous system that becomes more active to compensate for the lack of sodium. That’s why you wake up more often and have a problem to fall asleep.

Salt regulates the water level in the body and this is very important for normal functioning. The classic salt loses its good characteristics during the production process. In the end, there is very little that is good for your health and essentially affects the better taste of food, not your health.

Due to its composition, Himalayan salt, because of the presence of 84 different minerals, is much better and more positive for your health. It doesn’t lose its health benefits because it doesn’t pass through the processing industry as a commercial salt. Finally, a product that can be used without additional purification or final processing, completely natural.

Only the presence of such a large number of minerals can affect health positively, such as: slows down aging, regulates blood sugar levels, improves the energy exchange at the cellular level, improves absorption of nutrients from food, improves blood vessel quality, works well on sinuses, improves circulation and positively affects the kidneys. It`s not a miracle but look at the list of benefits, it`s quite long. All these things finally and in the end together affect a good dream that is the basis of good health.

Natural digestive aid

good dogestionThe very important influence Himalayan salt has in the peristaltic bowel and digestive tract. It’s known that if there is a gastric acid disorder, it can be a trigger for many diseases, and one of the most severe is definitely cancer.

Numerous studies show that regular consumption of Himalayan salt with water can regulate the operation of your intestines, your stomach. It stimulates the production of digestive fluids in the pancreas and the liver, regulates the metabolism and creates the balance of acid-alkaline in the stomach.

Commercial salt can’t do this. That’s because it doesn’t have all the minerals, as Himalayan salt, and it uses artificial additives. They are necessary for the commercial salt to make, but they are in no way healthy.

We can’t say that this salt is bad, it meets the quality criteria and standards prescribed by the different states, but it`s artificial.

The big question is how our organism processes it, whether it can absorb it in the right way.

Simply the amount of minerals found in the Himalayan salt is what makes it special.

Each of these minerals has its role. Even if you don’t eat food rich in these minerals, this set will allow your body to receive some kind of small compensation.

Eases respiratory problems

Himalayan salt acts anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. Regular use of this salt purifies the lungs, make it easier to breathe, help you recover faster from a cold. It reduces the sensitivity of the immune system to various pathogens from the air and therefore raises the defense of the immune system and lungs. In other words, it really works for your health.

Balances body’s PH

A good PH balance in your body is very important. If this ratio isn’t good, many disorders and illnesses can occur. The Himalayan salt contains numerous electrolytes that improve this PH level and hence reduce the occurrence of disorders that can develop into a serious illness. Busy everyday life and a lot of stress are main triggers that cause dis-balance inside our bodies and small things like this can contribute greatly.

The richness of this Himalayan salt is also in a great presence of strontium, bromide, borate, potassium, bicarbonate, calcium, magnesium, sulphate and natural iodine.

Himalayan Salt FAQ

Is Himalayan crystal salt different from other mined salts?

The direct answer would be yes, it’s very different. The structure of this salt is unique just as it’s the unique place from which it comes. This salt can only be found in one place in the world and nowhere else.

And there is no other salt in the world, whether it’s natural or artificial, which contains everything that Himalayan salt has.

Geologically, this is a unique rock composition that is very old and shaped for millions of years. The stacks of these salt rocks are limited, not small, but they are however limited. Although used, as usual, table salt, for season meals, cooking and to preserve food, this salt has a significantly different and better quality, a natural composition that makes it special.

So, this Himalayan salt isn’t treated like other table salts. It doesn’t lose the natural wealth of minerals during the production process, it retains all its characteristics and properties.

Although it consists of a large number of minerals, the key ingredient is sodium. Approximately 98 percent is sodium chloride.

Sodium is important for regulating low blood pressure, maintaining balance in fluid exchange at the cellular level, affecting muscle relaxation and contraction, beneficial effects on the nervous system.

Himalayan salt is larger than ordinary salt. So although Himalayan salt and regular, table salt, contain sodium chloride, when using the Himalayan salt, less sodium per teaspoon goes out, although there is a Himalayan salt with a smaller granulation, not as small as a regular table salt, but still smaller.

It’s especially important to say that in the ordinary salt, anticaking agents such as magnesium carbonate and sodium aluminosilicate are added to prevent clumping. It means that it’s heavily refined. Himalayan salt contains no additives.

Sodium is necessary to maintain proper fluid balance, no matter what form you use it. The difference is that the sodium in the Himalayan salt is considered to be cleaner, but essentially the same thing is done by ordinary salt when it comes to preventing dehydration and achieving optimal fluid balance.

When it comes to iodine, iodine plays an important role in the functioning of the thyroid gland and metabolism of the cell. In the Himalayan salt, iodine is naturally present but not in large quantities, while in classical salt it’s precisely defined because it’s artificially added.

If you have a problem with a small amount of iodine in the body, otherwise iodine is present in eggs, fish, seafood, then you should know that iodine is represented in a small amount in the Himalayan salt.

How much Himalayan salt should I have a day?

don't take too much saltThe advantage of the Himalayan salt is that it has everything as ordinary salt, but without any additives, 100% natural.

However, it should not be exaggerated because it’s still a salt. So it should be used as you would use any other salt, moderately. In large quantities it’s not good, regardless of which salt we are talking about. With Himalayan salt, there is the advantage of a better structure, more minerals, but it’s not so salty as the classic one. Because of this property, some people may think that they can use it in a larger amount and that’s not good for your health.

Excessive salt use adversely affects kidneys, liver, develops osteoporosis, heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, etc. It’s recommended that you don’t use it to a large extent and if you use it (there are people who don’t eat salty food) then it’s better to use Himalayan salt because it’s much healthier.

How Does Himalayan Salt compare to Sea Salt?

Sea salt exists in different qualities. It comes from the seas and the oceans. However, everything is related to water, and we all know that the oceans and seas are very polluted in some parts.

If sea salt is produced far from the source of pollution, then it should be high-quality sea salt. If production facility is located in the zone where there are large pollutants, some factory or oil platform or chemical plant, the sewer then the quality of that salt is questioned but still, we can know that.

A classical, commercial salt, apart from chloride and sodium, doesn’t have lots of the benefits. In addition, it’s bleached, cleansed with the help of chemicals.

Iodine that is artificially inserted isn’t a guarantee of its quality because we don’t know how much our body can absorb this synthetic iodine.

Also, commercial salt is treated with anticaking agents. These agents prevent them from being dissolved in water. In addition, they prevent clumping in the salt container. The same anticaking agents can prevent salt from absorbing when it’s inserted into our body. In this way, the salt accumulation can occur, especially if it’s used in larger quantities, which can cause a chain reaction in terms of our health and cause many health problems.

Himalayan salt is 100% natural, it has natural structure and it can easily be absorbed by our body.

Yes, we can say that they are present in very small quantities, but they are still there.

Can Himalayan salt be used in the bath?

It’s recommended to use Himalayan salt during a bath.

It has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiseptic properties. This salt works relaxing on your skin, combined with the inhalation of the water vapor you get a unique therapy. This is good for the respiratory system and for sinuses. Sinus infections are re-hydrated, nasal congestion or the clogged nose quickly becomes passable, allergies and coughing pass quickly after several such treatments. Nowadays there are pharmaceutical industries that started massive production of clogged nose drops in the form of the spray that contains nothing but saline sea water. It would be great if they used Himalayan salt instead.

It also helps with circulation problems. Accelerates circulation when used with warm water and has a prolonged effect. The positive effects of salt on eczema and psoriasis are known, the wounds are healed faster and the skin is deeply cleansed. Bath with Himalayan salt relieves pain and aches. There is a well known, positive effect, on professional athletes who are exposed to the salt effect in salty rooms, recover faster, and return energy faster.

The good effects of this Himalayan salt can be felt after some time of use. You will notice the difference in the appearance of your skin, you will breathe better, you will be less likely to be ill, but be patient it takes time.

It’s not a magic medicine, but it helps a lot in preserving health.

What are the side effect of using Himalayan salt?     

Basically, this is salt. You must not exaggerate with the use.

It should be used as you would use any other salt. It can have a negative impact if it’s exaggerated. In all other cases, it works favourably.

Is Himalayan salt good for your skin?

When using Himalayan salt during the bath, in combination with warm water, it opens the skin’s pores and allows toxins to get out more easily. It speeds up circulation, so this whole process is accelerating considerably during bath time. The salt impels all impurities to penetrate the surface more quickly as they spread the pores on the skin. That way it regenerates skin cells so your skin looks fresh and young.

The impact of this salt and the effect is multiplied: it softens the skin, gives the skin better PH balance, cleanses the skin and exfoliates skin.

Can Himalayan salt go bad and how to be stored?

Some people have been wondering if the Himalayan salt can go bad and how long can it last since is already way too old. The original Himalayan crystal salt and the sole solution can never go bad, you can keep the anywhere indefinitely. It doesn’t have to be kept in dark places or refrigerated or in any special containers. The only thing you should do is to keep it free from dust and other air particles so it can stay pure. Prevent all the external particles to contaminate pure salt or solution by keeping it in closed containers.

Final Thoughts

If we look at everything that Himalayan salt provides, there isn’t one reason why you wouldn’t immediately start using it.

We can agree that this isn’t a miracle drug or ancillary remedy, but the very fact that you use something so unique that can be found only in one place in the whole world, that has such a unique composition and the effect on health, it’s enough to get our big recommendation.

Remember: detoxification of heavy metals, improves blood circulation, lowers blood pressure, improves hydration, strengthening the bones, improves sleep, slows down ageing effects, makes PH balance in your cells, improves respiratory and lung function and vascular health. It supports weight loss by balancing hormones, improves the mineral status of your body and hormonal issues on your face. In the end, it supplies your body with combined energy, harmonizes and balances and cleans from the inside out.

This Himalayan salt is something you can do for yourself and your health, you can access and afford it easily and it will return to you through a long and good quality, healthy life.

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