Himalayan salt lamp benefits

Himalayan salt lamp benefits

The basic questions that most people ask when they first hear about the Himalayan salt lamp are, what is it, what is the purpose of this lamp, and why should I get this salt lamp?

himalayan salt lamp benefits

A lot of people are attracted by its lighting abilities the illumination and the pleasant glow but that`s not the main reason to have one in your living or working environment.

In addition, it looks very nice as a detail in your home. But without heat produced by the light bulb which is located in the hollowed center, this is just a block of salt, nothing else. A very important thing for this story is the heat.

The whole story is related to your health. This lamp improves your health with its specific characteristics. It improves air quality in its surrounding in many different ways.

This is a fairly complex story which we will try to explain and help you learn more. We hope it will be easier for you to decide not whether to buy one or not, but which color and shape to choose.

Why is Himalayan Salt Good for You?

First, why is it called a salt lamp at all?

This lamp is made of salt rock which is found only in one place in the world. It’s the Khewra mine located in Pakistan. It’s the only, original site, of unique Himalayan pink salt. This salt is over 250 million years old and that’s why it’s so special when it comes to features and health benefits.

Every piece of this lamp is hand-carved. Solid blocks of Himalayan pink salt are used to get the shape of the lamp that you can see in our reviews.

Different colors of the lamp vary. The colors differ depending on mineral concentration in a salt block that is hand-carved to get the lamp.

The lamp itself can be, regarding color, anything from light pink to orange and many shades in between.

The Himalayan salt lamp is good for you because it helps to preserve your health. It’s beneficial in reducing static electricity in the air, improves concentration and mood, favorably influences mood changes in transition periods during the year when the season changes. The Himalayan salt lamp neutralizes electromagnetic radiation, increases energy level, improves the efficiency of a better sleep, reduces symptoms of asthma and allergies, relieves coughing, cleans and deodorizes the air.

So, there are many good features why this lamp is good for you.

What are the health benefits of Himalayan salt lamps?

How does the Himalayan salt lamp work when talking about health benefits?

It has a feature called hygroscopy. This means that salt, when heated by the light bulb in the lamp, attracts water molecules to itself from the air in your surroundings. These lamps particularly collect evaporated water particles all the impurities, the so-called air pollutants from the air.

When the lamp attracts these impurities from the air, they remain on the lamp. They are not anymore in the air but captured on your salt lamp. In this way, the air you breathe becomes cleaner. No viruses, bacteria, dust, pollen and other allergens are there to breathe in.

The lamp increases relaxation, less stress and makes you feel calm, you are less prone to illness such as flu and colds. It reduces allergies and improves breathing, you can work longer and harder because it improves the ability to concentrate. It is beneficial when it comes to migraines and headaches and it also reduces disorder symptoms of arthritis, rheumatism and fewer skin diseases.

So the process goes like this, the lamp has these properties that are activated by heating with the help of a bulb inside. When the properties of this particular Himalayan salt are activated by heat, everything is literally in the form of moisture. A phenomenon like tears shows up on the surface of the lamp, it looks like the lamp sweats. The heat dries the lamp and this process lasts as long as the lamp is turned on. What is especially important to say is that once the lamp collects all the impurities from the air, they stay on the lamp; they don’t go back in the air and that is the main characteristic of this special Himalayan salt. From time to time you need to wipe the lamp with a cloth or just wash it after using it for a long time.

Let’s explain each of these characteristics.

Top 11 Himalayan salt lamp health benefits

Benefit #1 – Light source is environmentally friendly

Himalayan salt lamp light

These lamps are made of salt rock, which is over 250 million years old. If we take into account their current exploitation level, they are estimated to be sufficient for more than 300 years to come. The lamp itself is fragile but steady. You only need to be careful not to break it. Other parts are replaceable.

These lamps are small consumers of electricity and they have a very long working life. The lamps positively affect the environment because they don’t have any element that can pollute it. If we eliminate from this story the cable and the bulb itself the other parts are 100% natural.

Benefit #2 – Seasonal affective disorder is treated with this lamp

You are all familiar with the fact that changing the seasons also leads to a change of mood. It affects some people a little bit but in other cases very much. Some people even experience symptoms of depression, lethargy, and similar disorders.

Himalayan salt lamp generates negative ions that greatly affect the energy level and the mood itself. The lamp emits a soft, natural light that gives a special glow that imitates the Sun’s rays. In this way, watching this lamp when sitting in the room where this lamp releases negative ions, your troubles with lack of energy or bad mood will either completely disappear or will drastically decrease.

Benefit #3 – Ionization of the Air

The fact is that the air, by the sea, near the ocean, beside the waterfall or after a good and heavy rain, is cleaner. You can easily feel it if you are in such an environment. This is because of the fact that when water drops crash, like during a wave crash or when it rains, the formation of negative ions occurs due to molecular bonds. This is good because releasing these negative ions lead to the acquisition of positive ions from the air.

On the other hand, positive ions are emitted into the air from pollutants such as electrical appliances or any other pollutant, a factory, a chemical processing plant.

Such pollution affects the onset of depression and asthma. Negative ions are therefore very useful because they attract positive ions to themselves and that way prevent you from breathing it in and thus prevent any possible negative consequences.

Of course, there are devices that are specially made for this purpose to ionize the air. It can’t be compared to a lamp because these devices are incomparably stronger and work much better than these lamps, but this is one of the features of these Himalayan salt lamps and it’s all natural.

They ionize the air, but not to the extent of specialized devices which are particularly made only for this purpose.

Benefit #4 – Reduces symptoms of asthma and allergies

With their properties, these lamps attract essentially all impurities from the air: dust, mold, pet dander, pollen, cigarette smoke. Of course, this is limited to the environment in which the lamp is located, as well as the surface around the lamp itself.

None of these lamps are enough to purify the air throughout the whole house, no matter how long they work. Therefore, it should be located in the room where you usually stay or in as many rooms in the house as possible. Usually, it takes a little time to notice the difference, about two weeks.

Some scientists have found that salt therapy can be very useful with treating chronic pulmonary disease. Using the salt therapy results in relieving the symptoms and makes breathing easier.

Whether problems arise from a disorder, illness or a reaction to an allergen, Himalayan salt lamp works beneficially in relieving symptoms.

Benefit #5 – Deodorize the air and cleanse it

This is one of the benefits that Himalayan lamp does with its hygroscopic properties. When it warms, it filters the air, attracting and absorbing contaminated molecules from the close surrounding. It captures those molecules and keeps them locked into the salt crystal. So, the lamp itself is used as a purifier because the air is filtered through the lamp salt walls. Sounds simple, but the process itself is rather complex.

What is most important is that all that is filtered remains in the lamp`s salt walls, it doesn’t return to the air you inhale. Therefore, it’s important to regularly maintain this lamp in terms of cleaning and washing it, in order to remove these impurities from the walls.

Do it regularly. The lamp color will change, it will be a little darker due to impurities in the walls and that’s how you’ll know when to clean it.

Benefit #6 – Eases coughing

If you look at the structure of your lungs, a very important part of that structure is trachea. This is the windpipe through which the breathing air enters the lungs. It’s important because it prevents all pollutants and airborne particles from reaching our lungs directly. To be able to do its job, we need negative ions to clear the trachea from time to time. That’s exactly what this lamp does. It alleviates the coughing up, of everything that has accumulated in your lungs by acting through the creation of negative ions. The best way to get these negative ions is to get exposed to natural, old way. But, that’s not possible always, especially today when we are occupied with a large number of obligations and we neglect the health culture and exploit our own health to the limit.

This type of salt lamp is one of the solutions.

After a while, you’ll feel relieved.

Benefit #7 – Energy levels

Surely, the best way to raise your energy level is to go out and surround yourself with nature. You can choose to visit the countryside, practice sport, go jogging in some park or simply take a walk. However, if you can’t afford to do this, then you definitely need to get a Himalayan salt lamp.

The best way is to put it the room where you spend the most of your time or in your bedroom. It will restore your energy level and you will feel regenerated after a while. Due to its positive health impact, you will have more energy and you will be in the much better mood.

The lamp will do its job; it will recharge your batteries and regain your energy to an enviable level.

Benefit #8 – Electromagnetic radiation neutralizer

Today’s homes are equipped with state-of-the-art devices that make life easier for us. There are: TVs, stereo devices, computers, laptops, tablets, telephones, kitchen appliances, etc. It’s all great, but it has its own bad side.

All these devices emit electromagnetic radiation.

This radiation accumulates over time, although it’s invisible. The consequences are felt in the form of a headache, bad mood, hypersensitivity of the skin, tendency to illnesses, immunity system reduces its function, stress level increases, etc.

The Himalayan salt lamps work by emitting negative ions in the air. Thus they neutralize the activity of electromagnetic radiation. It only takes a salt lamp to be closer to these electrical devices and you will feel the improvement very quickly. In this way, you’ll reduce the potential danger to your health and your family members.

Benefit #9 – Sleeping is better

Healthy sleep is the basis of a healthy life. All these impurities that are in the air, plus the way of life, the tempo, the level of stress that we absorb on a daily basis from different people and situations greatly disturb our sleep. In this way, whatever good we do, things that are good for our health, the lack of sleep is difficult to compensate.

The Himalayan salt lamp can be a solution for it. It helped many people with this problem. It’s worth a try. If you can’t sleep in the light room, leave the lamp to work in the bedroom for a few hours before you go to bed. It will change the quality of air and you’ll get better blood flow and oxygen supply to the brain. You will see, the results will make you pleasantly surprised.

Benefit #10 – Concentration and mood

Many experts have written on this subject. There are significant scientific studies that have described how to improve concentration and mood using these salt lamps.

Again, all this is related to the emission of negative ions, improved circulation due to a better oxygen supply, and this makes your body feel great. The secretion of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that corrects mood, makes you feel satisfied and happy.

Benefit #11 – Helps blood flow

One of the benefits too is that negative ion emitted from Himalayan lamp help vasodilation and therefore blood circulation. That way you can avoid having disorder of the vascular system and significantly reduce the damage to the lungs.

Best Places to use a Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan salt lamps can be used everywhere. They can be purchased in different sizes and different shapes so it’s easy to find what suits you best. What‘s particularly important is that the lamp itself should be in the room where you spend the most of your time.

Sometimes you will need two or more of these lamps. They are very affordable so it’s a good and cheap way to do something good for your health. Put them everywhere if you can. You can’t make a mistake with that.

How to recognize a real Himalayan Salt Lamp?

To make sure that your Himalayan salt lamp is truly genuine it’s the best to ask for a certificate of origin. However, in today’s world, everything is easily copied and forged.

real or fake Himalayan salt lamp

Perhaps you could pay attention to a few details that will reveal what interests you.

The only, real, place of origin of these lamps is Pakistan. It is the Khewra mine located in Pakistan, more specifically, in the western part of the Himalayan Mountains. The lamp itself can be assembled anywhere in the world, but the real Himalayan pink salt must come only from this mine. There isn’t another place in the world where you can find it.

The other thing that matters is the durability of the lamp. These lamps are made from something that is over 250 million years old, meaning it lasts for quite a long time. But the lamp itself since it has a cavity in which the bulb comes in, is still fragile. This means that it’s quite normal to see a piece of salt that has fallen off over some period of time you can damage it a bit, or even break it.

It often breaks due to poor handling or poor packaging.

If your lamp is very durable to shockproof, it’s very likely that it’s not genuine.

One of the key features of these lamps is their hygroscopic ability to attract moisture from the air. For this reason, these lamps must sweat. Especially in very humid environments, it’s sometimes necessary to put them in a dish so as not to spill water (collected moisture – sweat).

If your lamp doesn’t sweat, then it’s probably fake.

The color is very important, there is no white color of these lamps. There is pink, orange or warm pinkish. That’s it. Everything else is fake.

Also, the average salt lamp only emits a soft warm glow. Because of the different structure of lamp walls, various minerals, the light is uneven and muted. If your lamp gives a lot of light enough to illuminate the whole room, it’s a fake.

The Side effect of using a Himalayan salt lamp?

These lamps serve only as lamps. They don’t have side effects. You can’t do anything else with them, such as using a salt that dropped from it with food or something like that.

Also, the lamp helps you improve your health, and in no way is a substitute for medicines and classic medical treatment.

Never try anything else with this lamp except to use it as a lamp with all the features that these real Himalayan salt lamps have.

Final Thoughts

We think that we have offered a lot of arguments for you why you should get this lamp. Don’t expect that your life will change from the root or that you’ll be as healthy as a horse, regardless of everything, but certainly will bring a lot of positive energy into your life and we hope to ease at least some of the healthful blues that you have.

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